The making of Off-Limits: Gamified interviewing

How might an interview generate the community-specific language and associations around a sensitive topic?

Learning through prototypes

L-R: Version 1, ‘with/without’ testing
User feedback session and brainstorming with peers

User Responses

The first 2–3 responses were often immediate reactions, expressed in emotion language. The participants often expressed candid views on uncomfortable topics without being obligated to take a stance or be politically correct.


This tool was developed with constant feedback and open sessions with my peers and instructor in a studio called ‘Translational Research’. Poster + prototype exhibits were conducted at 3 steps of the development process.

Poster presentations
Final Design

Visual Design

The final design of the tool had several cues for the researcher/facilitator to conduct the study seamlessly. The major additions to the previously tested template were:

  1. Follow-up cards to incorporate a follow-up interview within the game.
  2. Scoring sheet for the facilitator to give the participants a tailored package of information on the topic.
  3. Script/prompts for facilitator on the back of the cards.
L- R: Final user testing, scoring sheet for the researcher
Back of the cards with prompts for a facilitator
Front of the playing cards and follow-up cards

See complete project here:



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