Self-care is the worst.

Neha Mann
1 min readOct 5, 2020

Every day I try my best to

sit straight,

drink water,


not pick on my skin,

not bite my lips too much,

not bite my nails,

eat better,


sleep at least 7 hours,

take my medicine,

practice french,

fix my chipping nail paint,

not overthink,

not compare myself to others,

limit social media,

get off the screen,

plan for the future,

get some sunlight,

get fresh air,

live in the moment,

believe in myself,

introspect my actions,

make a list,

follow that list,

try something new,


be grateful,

give back,

be emotionally aware,

have fun,


say ‘no’ sometimes,

be positive,

do what makes me happy,

be social,

take some time alone.

I’m almost certain my self-care routine is causing me stress.