• James Rowland

    James Rowland

  • Vanessa Hu

    Vanessa Hu

    An aspiring linguist, coder, writer, and world traveler.

  • Jyoti Mann

    Jyoti Mann

    UX Designer | Facebook |Ex-Microsoft

  • Payton Lake

    Payton Lake

    Product Designer from Cleveland, currently based in San Francisco.

  • Bhaumik Kaji

    Bhaumik Kaji

    User Experience Designer @Microsoft.

  • Srishti Mehrotra

    Srishti Mehrotra

    UX researcher who thinks a lot about the nature and politics of design.

  • Dr marrio smiles

    Dr marrio smiles

    good day my name is Dr marrio am a doctor. I have cure a lot of human infection STD. and many other illinesses with the help of my natural herbal medicine.

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